Cyclic Maintenance

Kona Door Solutions can provide a full cyclic maintenance inspection survey and defects report.

All Industrial, Commercial and Fire Rates Doors should be regularly serviced and maintained (Regulation 5 & 6, Health & Safety at Work Act 1998). HSE Law states that all Mechanical and Electrical doors should be regularly maintained.

Kona Door Solutions we can provide a free survey for Maintenance Packages with competitive prices that ensure that you are complying with all current Regulations.

Regular maintenance and inspection, whilst giving peace of mind, can also save you time and money and any unnecessary breakdowns.

Engineer’s worksheets are provided with a detailed report of repair and materials used or required.
Kona DS will issue you with documentation which is retained within your Health and Safety Records files and a back-up copy is stored on file at our local office should it be required for inspection.

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